holocaust memorial

holocaust memorial
atlanta USA

Through the lens of history, the destructive memory-event of the Holocaust spawns a framework of communal inhabitation for reflection and exchange.

The outer shell symbolises historically-defined destruction, frozen yet still latent in its incomplete sculptural form. This outer partial-enclosure is inhabited by a vulnerable contemplation space, the inner shell.

The inner shell is at first defined spatially and visually through its relationship with the outer, yet offers the potential to transcend the physical limits of its own space. Outer and inner worlds of exchange and contemplation are evoked beyond and within the immediate physicality of its boundaries. The space is intended for multi-functional uses, whether for story-telling, pop-up museums, art installations or simply contemplation.  


All generations, present and future, are invited to engage in communal and personal processes of sharing and understanding. The inner space, open to the natural elements above, through the lattice of the outer shell, becomes an attracting physical form that resembles the vulnerability of the individual. 


placing: N/A

TEAM: donnie duncanson, arman bahram, abre etteh, martin lambie, brian tobin, 

YEAR: 2010