Pier museum

museum for cuban immigrants


For this competition the project in question, located at the end of Fifth Avenue leading to South Beach, in the Miami Beach Area, is a “Pier-Museum” which, pointing out to sea, will stand as a “horizontal monument” to all the immigrants who have arrived on these shores in search of a better future.
To this end, this 100 meter long structure will point out to sea off Miami Beach and will house a museum in which the personal effects, souvenirs and photos belonging to the new generation of immigrants will be exhibited - those who came to the city of Miami from the 1950’s to the 1980’s in search of their own personal American Dream.

To this end, this “Pier-Museum” will not only function as an architectural landmark, but will also serve as a space commemorating the new urban dynamic of the city,the global multiculturalism which defines the beginning of the 21st century. The museum will possess a basic lay-out that will occupy an area of approximately 2.000 m2 and include the following spaces: Entrance Hall, Temporary Exhibition Room, Permanent Exhibition Room, Storage Facilities, Restrooms, Maintenance Facility, Security, Offices and Cafeteria.

The “Pier-Museum” should be a readily identifiable object, able to impose its presence within the existing urban profile and landscape of the beach area. However, competitors may choose to present proposals of a totally experimental nature which incorporate ideas as diametrically opposed as the subordination of the architecture in the context of the urban profile and landscape and the creation of a new model which might serve to redefine the idea of a “monument” in the context of the architectural debate regarding the paradisiacal and the cosmopolitan.



The function of the museum is to exhibit culture in it's physical expressions. As it collects, preserves and displays artefacts as discrete collections removed from the stream of history, the museum becomes a prison where history is dissected as distinct epochs and periods. This proposal aims to allow the living history of immigrants to flow into the museum in actively telling the ongoing narratives of emigration and its effects on culture and society, rather than petrifying and exhibiting artefacts of its unfolding.



TEAM: Donnie Duncanson, Arman Bahram, Abre ETTEH, BRIAN TOBIN

year: 2009